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New release for 2015: Sounds of a Century CD and souvenir brochure.

Wingates Brass Band have an online shop selling our superb CDs and a fantastic book (£8.95) detailing the history of the band written by band president David Kaye.

“The Story of Wingates Band is a truly remarkable one and in many ways unique. It began in the humblest of fashion and in t6he middle of the reign of Queen Victoria. Throughout the subsequent 140 years, the music of Wingates has never fallen silent, despite two world wars, and the horrors of the 1910 Pretoria Pit disaster, which rent the band asunder.

There have been championships and national titles galore,but the wonderful story has never been told in full – until now. The history of one of the country’s most successful and famous bands has now been chronicled in comprehensive fashion by Wingates President, David Kaye and is entitled “From Bible Class to World Class”. After launch on October 26that the bands 140th Anniversary Celebrations it has now sold over 400 copies. The book comprises of 322 pages with 180 illustrations – 90 of which are in full colour.

Only three brass bands in history have a longer recording pedigree than Wingates, and the catalog of the Westhoughton based band’s recordings now spans almost a century, having begun during the dark days of World War1.”

You can visit the store , email: or by post to Sales, c/o The Band Hall, Wingates Square, Westhoughton BL5 3PS

Another great way to help the band is to shop online through EasyFundraising at one of the stores listed below. Those stores give a small percentage of what you spend directly to the band. Every little helps!!

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