Connor Gingell

Connor Gingell

Connor first started playing the cornet when he was 10 and was in primary school, but after 8 or 9 lessons he stopped. When he was 13 and attending Harper Green School were at this time Ryan Breen was teaching brass, a friend told him to start playing again, so he started playing the Eb bass. Connor started playing with his local band Farnworth and Walkden under Peter Ashley. He always says “Peter taught me everything I know about banding”. After 4 years of sitting principal bass at Farnworth and Walkden, He decided to move to Tyldesley under Robert Taylor where he was made principal bass once again. Whilst at Tyldesley Connor led the bass section into winning 4 out of 4 best bass section prices. After a year of playing with Tyldesley he was approached by Wingates conductor, who at the time was Andrew Berryman who asked him to join on 2nd Eb bass. Connor has been with the band since January 2013.

Connors favourite memories with the band was playing at the 140th anniversary concert and winning the senior trophy in 2014. His favourite test pieces include; The Legend Of King Arthur by Peter Meechan and Vitae Aeternum by Paul Lovatt-Cooper. His favourite concert pieces include; For A Love Of A Princess from Braveheart and The Force Of Destiny Overture by Giuseppe Verdi.

He started teaching brass in late 2013 when a young student approached Connor asking to help him with his grade 5 pieces. Since then he’s taught many students. He says he enjoy passing the skills he was taught by Ryan Breen.

Connor graduated from Pendleton Sixth Form College in June 2014 after 2 years of studying A-level and Btec music. He Currently works as a Lab-technician at a company called IFS Laboratories. He enjoys His job a lot because it’s very challenging and technical.
Connors Hobbies include Socialising and Motorcycling. He travels all over the country on his motorbike as has been brought up around motorcycles.