Sue MacDonald

Sue MacDonald

Family: Married to Andy MacDonald, 17 years and still going strong!

Home Life: My family consists of Pepe (the cockatiel), Jazz & Chip (budgies) and Archie the Greyhound.

Instrument: Previously played Soprano cornet, when I was very young & naïve, and have since managed to work my way onto my favourite seat of 3rd cornet. Although I have been known to dabble on 2nd horn (another favourite!)

Band History: Have previously played for Uppermill, Rochdale (now defunct), City of Stoke, Besses O’Th’Barn. Have played for Wingates since 1999 – 15 years to date.

Favourite Foods/ Drinks: Curry, Yorkshire puddings, chocolate, tiramisu, cheese. Partial to real ales, red wine & malt whisky ( in no particular order)

Ideal Holiday: I enjoy touring with my caravan and enjoy city breaks such as Prague & Rome although loved Las Vegas and Florida.